Scientific Research

UET in the Second 10th Anniversary

In its second decade, UET aims to consolidate the university’s identity as the centre of knowledge production in Albania and to get transformed from a higher education institution, with a focus on teaching, into an elite research institution whose research product is required in the market and it continuously improves teaching and student experience at UET. To achieve this, this strategy specifies the objectives and instruments that UET will use to structure, advance, standardize and internationalize the scientific research.
In line with the goal of reinforcing internationalization, project development and scientific research, as well as in continuity of the successful experience with the “Senior & Young Researcher” initiative, UET has updated its 2017-2020 scientific research strategy, which is approved by the Academic Senate. Thus, UET has institutionalized and improved a system of engaging, contracting, measuring and evaluating the scientific research work of academic staff members, trying to reinforce the scientific research dimension at UET. Through this strategy, UET aims at becoming a centre of expertise in the fields of social studies, humanities, law, economics and information technology. A further aim is to turn UET into a centre of excellence in order to provide quality research product with significant contribution to national level, and with a regional impact. UET strives to achieve these goals by working with reliable national and international partners. Scientific research at UET is also aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning by upgrading the qualifications and expertise of the academic staff, transferring contemporary achievements in science to students and including the latter in research activities.

In order to reach its vision, UET is continuously building and improving the scientific research infrastructure, to give the right inspiration to the research study of the academic staff as well as to collaboration with analogues through funding provided by public and private institutions, as well as other organizations, both in the country as well as abroad. The Scientific Research Strategy along with the resources made available for its implementation, reflect the spirit / philosophy of reaching UET’s research goals.
Specifically, for the implementation of academic staff research projects, UET makes available a substantial research grant from which: (i) 85% of the funding for internal academic staff; (ii) 10% of the funding for external academic staff – UET Research Visiting Fellows; (iii) and 5% for UET student research projects. UET aims to have the system of grants for individual research projects for professional development to serve the advancement in the academic career system, in academic degrees and titles, and the increase of UET’s reputation in scientific research.

Implementing Structures:
The implementation of the Scientific Research Strategy 2017-2020 constitutes one of the most significant projects of the university, which is coordinated by the Vice Rector for Science, Methodology and Quality, the Office for Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies, as well as the Office for projects and Partnerships.