All incoming international students are required to have a B1 level of English and a grade point average above 6.5.

All incoming international students are required to have a B2 level of English certified by one of the English exams – TOEFL, APTIS or IELTS and a grade point average above 6.5.

Before Mobility:  Regarding incoming students, UET, through its several students supporting offices, offers necessary assistance prior to the start of the mobility as well as visa application support, insurance information, housing information, orientation week for incoming students. Prior to their arrival in Albania, the IR office has advised students regarding academic issues, visa application (through the Legal Office) etc. UET provides participation and engagement of incoming students with student’s clubs for social life. UET is also the first HEI in Albania that has established Buddy system for incoming students, in order to assist them with any situation during their everyday life stay in Albania.

During Mobility: As soon as the incoming students arrive at UET, several meetings are conducted. Students meet with IR officer first, then with Legal Office to ensure they have everything ready for residence permit/visa applications, and Secretary General to clarify any academic issues that they may have. The International Relations Officer is frequently checking on the incoming students, assisting with needed documentation, offering guidelines and organizing activities for Incoming students. The IR office organizes several networking events for incoming and domestic students. Incoming students have equal rights with domestic students to use library, laboratories, local language classes, any cultural or social events happening on campus etc.

After Mobility: The International Relations Officer assists students with preparation of the necessary documentation for recognition of courses (such as list of grades, syllabuses, LA etc). Once the documentation is complete, the IR officers sends it to the respective department who conducts the recognition. Afterwards, recognized subjects are reflected in the actual transcript of grades.

UET is the first Albanian HEI to introduce the Buddy/Mentor system for incoming students, being amongst the first in Albania with the highest number of incoming students under Erasmus+ and bilateral basis. Each incoming international student will be assigned a Buddy from the UET students. 

Getting around in Tirana

The city center is small enough to be explored by walking. However, be aware that sidewalks frequently end abruptly and are very narrow. Street names are subject to change, so locals rarely know them. It is advised to learn to navigate via landmarks instead of addresses or street names. You can orient yourself using the Lana River and “Dëshmorët e Kombit” street, which roughly bisects the central part of Tirana into four sections. At this intersection of the Lana River and Dëshmorët e Kombit, “Piramida” and “Taiwan Center” are very recognizable. Tirana is not known as a bicycle-friendly city, but currently the city is committed to improving the cycling infrastructure and bicycle lanes are being improved on main streets. The “Ecovolis Bicycle Sharing” programme launched in 2011, with a number of rental locations, including Rinia Park (near the Taiwan Center) and along. Dëshmoret e Kombit Boulevard. A full day ride costs 100 lek (less than 1 Euro). Bicycles should be returned to the station of origin. Ecovolis also offers bikes for longer 24/7 rents at the shop. For all other bike equipment or repair, “Qemal Stafa” Street is Tirana’s unofficial “bike street” with lots of little, inexpensive bike shops

By taxi:

Recommended taxis that use taximeter are:

Merr Taxi, which offers online and authorized taxi reservation. Toll free phone: 0800 5555

Speed Taxi has a list with fare prices inside the vehicle. During the day, flag-fall starts at 250 Lek.

Green Taxi, offers 24 hour service. Contact +355 69 800 2000

Most informal taxies do not use the taximeter. You can negotiate the price before entering the cab, or ask them to use the taximeter and save money. To calculate your fare in advance you can use the online taxi fare calculator for Tirana.