Student Activities and Clubs

At the European University of Tirana several student clubs have been established and operate. The purpose of these clubs is to enrich the social, artistic and cultural life of students and to provide opportunities for the practical application of knowledge and the dissemination of their talents.

Each student club is organized in such a way that in addition to the members, there are also leaders of each group as well as a mentor who is a member of the academic staff.

Specifically, the clubs that operate at UET are:

“John Locke” Law Club

The purpose of this club is to research, analyze, comment on laws, regulations, proposed legislation, legal confrontational situations, and other legal issues. The purpose of this club is also part of its work promoting and organizing roundtables, working groups, seminars, and conferences at national and local level as well as visits to the most important institutions related to the legal field such as: Criminal Court Parliament, Republic of Albania etc.

Club Mentor: Anton Lulgjuraj & Brikena Mile

Sports Club

This club attaches special importance to various sports activities that enrich the life of students at UET. This club includes all students who are passionate about: Yoga, football, volleyball and basketball. Organizing periodic Yoga sessions as well as small mini-championships is the focus of this club.

Club Mentor: Silva Tema

Adam Smith Economics Club

The main goals of this club are to put into practice the knowledge gained during studies at the Faculty of Economics, participation in seminars and trainings by successful professors and businessmen in the market. The goal is not just to earn, but to get to know and get in touch with key labor market operators. After each profitable activity, a special fund is created, which is used for charitable purposes.

Club Mentor: Krisdela Kacani & Grisilda Miftari

“Vangjush Mio” Art Club & Uet Band

Students passionate about photography, painting as well as newspaper writing have gathered at the art club. They all speak the language of art and focus on organizing activities such as: painting exhibitions at UET, organizing wall paintings as a contribution of the club to the community.

Club Mentor: Kostantinos Giakoumis & Kristi Bello

Humanities Club “Kadare”

This club by its name, is made up of passionate students of the book. Critical discussions on various books as well as growing interest in previous and recent publications are the focus of this club. The books proposed within the club are not only academic books but also literary ones.

Club Mentor: Genciana Egro (Abazi)

Russell Philosophy Club

This is the club of philosophers of the European University of Tirana. Some of the activities they propose to foster more philosophical discussions are: co-readings of texts or writings by renowned philosophers, group discussions on theses of philosophers, or even various documentaries that promote philosophical thought.

Club Mentor: Clement Mile

Psychology Club “Freud”

The Psychology Club is a student club that gathers around it not only psychology students but also other students who have an interest in psychology. The club’s main goal is to increase professionalism but also to promote psychology as a science and profession at the University and beyond. Some of the club’s activities are: open meetings with various guests in the field of psychology, conducting various visits to institutions such as orphanages, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, kindergartens etc. as well as developing group therapies and roles play.

Club Mentor: Odeta Cacaj

“Marx” Sociology Club

It is inspired by the definition of the science of sociology as a “generalizing science dealing with modernity”. Participating students develop conversations about problems, trends, issues and social institutions. Discover their place in society and their closeness to social trends or social and cultural developments.

Club Mentor: Klajdi Logu


Steve Jobs IT Club

This is a new year at UET that brings together mostly IT students, but also those students who have interests in software development, website development and social networking and mobile applications. The IT branch is a relatively new branch in the Albanian market and is an ever-evolving field where it is based on innovative ideas and applications worldwide. The organization of the club aims to inform students about the latest technology developments and software practices. The combination of learning practices and developments in club groups will be completed with field practices for a more fulfilling knowledge formation.

Club Mentor: Silvana Qose


Le Corbusier Architecture Club

Coming as a novelty this year at UET student clubs welcoming all students of architecture, informatics and engineering to express their ideas on these fields and enrich their knowledge by conducting conferences, field visits on various cultural sites and scientific observations .

Club Mentor: Enkeleida Prifti


The “Hipokrati” Medical Club adheres entirely to its name. The club aims to expand knowledge and practice on the development of science in the field of medicine.
Club Mentor: Marsida Duli


“Mc Luhan” Communication Club

This is a new year at UET which brings together mostly communication students, but also those students who have similar interests in communication modes.

Club Mentor: Erisela Marko


Liberal Club “Pashko”

It was created in honor of Gramoz Pashko, in collaboration with the Institute that bears the same name which operate in almost the same way and follow the same philosophy, the liberal philosophy.

Club Mentor: Ervis Iljazaj