Dr. Gentjan Kaprata

PhD in Applied Social Sciences, European University of Tirana (UET); MA (Second Level Master Degree), Globalization and Development, Political Science, UET; BA + MA in Architecture, received the Urbanist award, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Civil Engineering. Author of several publications on urban, political issues and the relations between them in scientific journals at home and abroad; Urban Planning Expert at the Institute of Urban Studies and Designs (IUSD) and member of the Technical- Research Council of IUSD, 2002-2010; General Director of Policies in Construction, Housing and Territorial Planning, and Director of Urban Policies and Housing, at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, 2010-2013; Member of the Technical Secretariat of the Territorial Adjustment Council of the Republic of Albania. External lecturer at UET, 2019-2021. Currently a full-time lecturer at UET, at the Faculty of Engineering, IT and Architecture.