EUT Rector

Rector's speech


Being Rector of the European University of Tirana, of a 15-year university of academic life is a special responsibility because the university is already consolidated, it has established its tradition although not very long but almost the age of private universities in Albania . This responsibility makes me say to students, parents and social actors that following, collaborating or any form of participation in an activity, project or initiative that UET undertakes in Albanian social life is a guaranteed success. This success has at least three points of support;

  • First, there is already a tradition of practices of all kinds that make a university such a body with the honorable name of university.
  • Secondly, a stable, continuous, large academic staff with a wide range of profiles, and capable of imparting its competence in almost any field of development of life, country or universal knowledge.
  • Third means being supported everywhere by a wide network of ALUMNI alumni who already amplify the echo of UET, the studies or a degree they have received at UET and a social experience more than 15,000 times in terms of graduate students and more than 25,000 in terms of students who in one way or another have once been part of UET. The same can be said with the academic staff where more than 1,000 internal or external lecturers with a 15-year dynamic have given their knowledge and competence at UET.

All three of these factors lead me to believe that the second decade of UET, which I have the honor to lead academically, makes us respond to time, respond to the new moment and above all respond to a generation of students who seeks another future, in another world, for another Albania