Dec, 2021
Të zgjedhësh mjekësinë si profesion
Të zgjedhësh mjekësinë si profesion
Shëngjin, Lezhë - 12:00 pm
Sep, 2021
BUJQËSIA është rikthyer
BUJQËSIA është rikthyer
Dardhë, Korçë - 12:00 pm
Mar, 2020
Human vs Technology
Human vs Technology
VM Resort, Golem, Durrës - 12:00 pm

EUT Seasonal Schools

The School of Humanities, Business School organised as Dardha Liberal Meetings, Winter School of Innovation, Public Health Forum, and Spring School of Leadership - are some of the most important activities through which the university reintroduces philosophy into the public discourse, recreates a space for literature in universities, analyses the impact of technological innovations in our social and economic life, addresses public health issues, and enables the spread of liberal thought in Albania where statism and centralism are often the default reactions towards economic and political challenges. High School graduands are invited to apply to attend the schools’ activities, which last for three days and are organized in lectures and interactive discussions between the participants, EUT academic staff and guest experts. Each of the schools is organized by the respective Faculty of the university, in specific periods during the academic year, with the support of World Vision.

Business School
Faculty of Economics, Business and Development
Dardha Business School is an activity of “Pashko” European Institute, which jointly organized with the Faculty of Economics, Business and Development of the European University of Tirana, EUT. This school aims to promote liberal ideas, movement and approach within the Albanian society and economy. This annual school consists of a group of scholars, professors of economics, philosophy, journalists, high school graduands, civil society activists, free applicants, representatives from the business world, business associations, as well as international guests, etc., who gather and discuss how liberal ideas, freedom values, competition, free market, etc., could find more space in public life, economy, education, culture and throughout the country’s life. Participants become part of a group of activities, such as: presentations, meetings, conversations, discussions, and a separate scientific session.
The Leadership School
Faculty of Law, Political Science and International Relations
The Leadership School in Dhërmi is organized by the Faculty of Law, Political Science, and International Relations. It consists in promoting the critical thinking of the secondary school graduands regarding the law, political science, and international relations issues. The graduands meet with special guests invited by the EUT and the selected academic staff of the Faculty and discuss specific issues. The meetings are organized as interactive lectures and discussions. For the 2021-2022 academic year the selected theme is Human Rights and Leadership in Times of Crisis. 
School of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities, Education and Liberal Arts
The Faculty of Humanities, Education and Liberal Arts organizes, every end of February, the School of Humanities. Designed as a symposium of ideas, the school brings together in Llogara the best high school graduands from all over Albania, to discuss the importance of this field of study as well as to analyze through workshops and open discussions with guest lecturers and experts, the steps to build a successful career in the humanities. During this winter school, high school graduands are trained in public communication, creative writing and leadership and the graduand with the best presentation wins a full scholarship to pursue his/her bachelor's studies in one of the study programs of this faculty. 
Innovation School
Faculty of Engineering, Informatics and Architecture
Durrës Innovation School is an activity of the Faculty of Engineering, Informatics and Architecture, at the European University of Tirana, organized with the support of “World Vision” organization. This school aims to promote the passion and importance of studying Engineering Sciences. It is annual activity that brings together high school graduands from different cities of Albania and researchers, experts, and professors in the fields of informatics, engineering, architecture, electronics, mechanics as well as international guests. Through meetings, experts discuss and inform high school graduands about the latest developments in technology, the impact on the social and economic life of our country and the measures that must be taken to be prepared for future technological developments. Participants become part of a group of activities, such as: presentations, meetings, conversations, discussions, and a scientific session.
The School of Public Health
Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences
The School of Public Health is organized as a scientific activity by the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences at European University of Tirana (EUT). The school aims to address public health issues of interest to the community, as well as to promote medical professions by presenting high school graduands with health care workers, who dedicate their time to share their knowledge and the challenges they face by working as health care professionals, during school days. Also, its goal is to bring together people of different ages and different educational backgrounds to exchange and share ideas for the benefit of the community. The School of Public Health is organized once a year. Some of the selected discussion topics include education and health promotion in general, education of health care professionals, first aid and mental health. The school is a forum that brings together well-known doctors, public health specialists, directors of health institutions, high school graduands interested in the field of medical sciences, civil society activists, EUT lecturers and researchers.