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With more than 15 years of experience in higher education and with certified parameters, UET offers all the capacities and guarantees to be an island of excellence and to give to students, professors, researchers, parents and other social actors a collaborative space for their projects, ideas and dreams. UET has already graduated more than 15,000 students in three study cycles: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. More than 25 thousand students have passed in the auditoriums of UET. All study programs are licensed and accredited. International accreditations have certified the quality of the European University of Tirana. The first ranking was conducted by the German Agency CHE, the first accreditation was that of doctoral programs by PAAHE with the participation of Austrian experts:
Prof. Dr. Hans Kochler and Prof. Dr. Christian Brunner, while the most recent re-accreditation was carried out by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) with the final score "Fully Met", excellent in the five components required by the British Agency.

+25000 students enrolled in 10 academic years

3500 scholarships awarded by UET over the years, full / partial

500 students of UET have completed a study cycle outside Albania

6 million Euro UET contribution for social responsibility

750 thousand Euros annual research budget, grants / publications

500 books published by UET Press

1000 lecturers have been part of UET for fifteen years

6500 graduaded Bachelor students

7250 graduaded Master students

775 doctors of science


Our mission is to give students a quality education, translating into it the results of a valuable scientific research, to serve the knowledge of the Albanian society through teaching, creativity, use of the best achievements of science, as well as partnerships. with the labor market of the international ones.
To be a leading university for the development of knowledge in the Albanian society, a center of excellence in the academic formation of our students, a center of expertise specialized in the field of social - political, economic and legal studies in the country, with influence in the region and beyond, as well as a center of excellence for scientific research in specific areas where we possess potential.


In line with the goal of strengthening internationalization, project development and research, as well as continuing the successful experience with the "Senior & Young Researcher" initiative, UET has updated the research strategy for 2017-2020 which has been approved by the Senate. Academic. Thus UET has institutionalized and improved a system of engagement, contracting, measurement and evaluation of scientific research work of members of the academic staff in an effort to strengthen the dimension of scientific research at UET. Through this strategy UET aims to become a center of expertise in the field of social studies, humanities, law, economics and information technology. A further goal is to turn UET into a center of excellence to provide a quality research product with a significant contribution to the national plan and with a regional impact. UET strives to achieve these goals through cooperation with reliable national and international partners. Scientific research at UET is also in function of increasing the quality of teaching and learning through raising the qualification and expertise of academic staff, transferring contemporary achievements in the field of science to students and the involvement of the latter in research activities.


Higher Education Institutions today in the context of internationalization, competition and in terms of increasing institutional autonomy, are always changing. These changes are necessarily related to new responsibilities which require managerial skills and competencies and leadership. In this context, the responsibility of UET towards its employees has changed, towards the academic and administrative staff, to become more competitive in such a complex environment. The European University of Tirana has as part of its strategy the continuous recruitment of human resources, given the fact that human resources are the most valuable asset in university affairs.

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Employment & Internship for students

The European University of Tirana has as its priority the extraction of qualified students in the labor market, the support and pursuit of their careers step by step.

Students and graduates at UET are among the most sought after in the job market. One of our strengths is the wide opportunity to practice, which gives an advantage in the labor market. This is a short list of those who trust our students: Private Company / Public Administration / Media / Diplomatic Representation / Independent Institutions

In order to provide opportunities for students, UET has created the 500+ Program which is a continuation of the initiative to become a business university. This project includes the 500 largest companies in the country according to the official classification and is a broad 5-year cooperation project in various aspects. UET as a private university by deepening and materializing the cooperation with the business and the labor market offers for all these companies a range of services and processes that have to do with the nature of the institution, the tasks and the goals that these businesses have.

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