The speech of the president

UET in the second decade


Preserving the name of the European University of Tirana, consolidating the reputation of the university, achieving the highest standards in the context of new realities, certainly poses a challenge for all. It is also a challenge for my position and duty, as well as for all members of the Board of Trustees, which we must all share and develop, in order to advance the name and reputation of the university. I think that the biggest challenge in today's university world, even in the context of the developments that have taken place during these years, is in the first place with itself and with society. So the most important confrontation we have today with society. The expectations of the Albanian society are extremely higher in relation to what the university system itself offers. In particular, the deficits that have been created are also due to the lack of reforms, of those reform processes, which started, but unfortunately were never completed, and even some of these processes are being reversed. In this sense, recreating or regaining the trust of the general public from the university system, I think remains an extremely serious challenge. A private university like UET has been an open arena for the public and in fact the connection with the community has been our strongest point, not only in terms of the weekly activities we do, but in all the annual academic activity the presence of the public here and of the university in public, has been probably one of the most interesting elements that has given our university that credibility, name and reputation that it enjoys.

I wish you success and welcome you to UET.
Let's walk together on the path of knowledge and profession.