Belina-Budini (1)

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Belina Budini

Media communication practics: Actors, Institutions, Culture

Selected publishing:

2021        Budini Belina, “Influencers; Journalists versus Politicians in Albania”, UET Press

2021        Budini Belina, (book chapter), “The Communication of Politics through Media” in “PR Today”, UET


2020       Budini Belina, “Comparative Representations of Albania in Time and The Economist Magazines”,

POLIS Journal No. 19 / 2020 ISSN: 2223-8174

2019        Budini Belina, «Journalists’ role in the interplay with local politicians/officials in Albania” in The

Albanian Studies Days on « Knowledge Society: Prognosis and Perspectives », European University

of Tirana, Albania.

2015         Budini Belina, «Repetitive Albania in Time Magazine, a Longitudinal Case Study :

1923-2013 ». Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, MCSER Publishing,

Rome-Italy. Shtator 2015. P.p. 643-653.

ISSN 2039-2117 (online) ISSN 2039-9340 (print)

2015        Budini Belina, (book- chapter), « Communist Albania in Time magazine 1944-1989 »,

« Media transformation and collective memory in Albania » IDMC (Institute for

Democracy, Media and Culture, WEST PRINT. Edited Book. ISBN 978-9928-199-90-4

2015       Budini Belina (book chapter) « First Look at Communication Theories» Textbook with McGraw-Hill

Education and The Educational Centre Albania, Albanian edition, ISBN: 978007323927(Chapter 38)

2015       Budini Belina, « Albania covered by New York Times, 1990-2013 »

Scientific Journal, POLIS, Tirana. Nr 13, Spring 2015 pp.. 85-94

Publication of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, UET,

ISSN : 2223-8174

2014       Budini Belina, « Three periods of Albania in Time Magazine 1923-2013), European University of

Tirana Press; Studies: ISBN 978-9928-190-08-6

2013         Budini Belina, «The Rise of a Celebrity-Politician in Albania»

International scientific Journal DISKUTIME, Nr 7, September 2013, pp. 101-115

Centre for International Relations and Studies of the Balkan region with Albanian Diplomatic

Academy and the Institute for European Studies at the University of Tirana, ISSN 1857-

825X. Tetovo. Macedonia

2012        Budini Belina, « The young state of Albania and Ahmet Zogu in Time magazine between 1924 and

1939», Albanian Studies Journal on History of the media and mediatization of history », Department

of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana with AAB

University, Kosovo. Vol./2012  ISSN 2305-3828

2012        Budini Belina, « Representations of the foreign media articles on the Albanian media» in Albanalogy

Studies, pp 322-331.

2011        Budini Belina, « Mediatization of politics in Albania: with what implications for political parties » in

Scientific Journal Polis, Tirana, nr 11, Autmun 2011, pp. 85-94. ISSN : 2223-8174

2009       Budini Belina, « Edi Rama, the populist-star politician » in Scientific Journal Polis, Tirana, Nr.8, pp

3-19, Winter 2009, ISSN : 2223-8174

Academic textbooks

(Translated and edited in Albanian)

2021          “PR Today”, Trevor Morris and Simon Goldsworthy, Palgrave Education

2015          «First Look at Communication Theories», McGraw-Hill Education, ISBN: 978007323927

2011           « Organizational Communication »; Papa et al. UET PRESS

Series: University Textbooks/ Social Sciences. ISBN 978-99956-39-12-9

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Published in Polis 8, Winter Edition 2009. ISSN: 2223-8174

2004           « Media History »: Barbier Lavenir, (Albanian Media Institute) AMI

Series: Studies