Msc. Igli Zarka

Igli Zarka was born in Fier on 13.09.1991.
Since 2015 he has been working as a film and stage actor and since 2020 as an assistant professor at the European University of Tirana.
He completed his Bachelor and Master studies at the "University of Arts" as a professional actor.
He has been part of numerous theatrical productions among which:
"Equus" by Petter Schaffer at the National Theater of Albania
"Galaxia" by Howard Barker at the National Theater of Albania
"Game with two characters" by Tennesse Williams at the National Experimental Theater of Albania
"Seagulls" by A.P. Chekhov
He has starred in feature films including:
"Albanian Virgin" by Bujar Alimani & Elsani production (Deutchland)
"The Book of Vlora" by Steven Kastle (Australia)
"Nina" by Fatos Berisha