Prof. Assoc. Dr. Kreshnik Bello

Associate Professor Kreshnik Bello, has a work experience of over twenty years in teaching, supported by a solid education in home country and abroad. He retains a good scientific foundation and a firm expertise in the fields of Management, Marketing, and International Business, created over years, through hard work. He has a good experience in lecturing, practiced through a continuing professional development and challenging personal requirements.

He owns an experience of about fifteen years in several leading positions in university, like Head of Department, Dean of Faculty, Head of University, etc., combined with experience in consultancy, in different public and private sector organizations. He has been member of some National and International Associations, as well as member of some Editorial Boards.

Associate Professor Bello, continuously engages in scientific research, and developmental work, demonstrated (in home country and abroad) via, participation and presentation in scientific conferences, publication in scientific journals, participation in professional and academic training, participation in scientific projects, etc. He speaks three foreign languages. He attends the most recent developments in his fields of interest and integrates the most contemporaneous knowledge in teaching and other academic and scientific forums as well.