PhD. Irina Canco

Irina Canco completed studies at the Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness - Tirana, with excellent grades receiving a certificate of "Distinguished Student". She also completed PhD studies at the International Doctoral School at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs-Hungary. Ms. Canco is part of “Albanian Excellence” in 2010. As of approximately 8.5 years she worked at the Ministry of Finance in Albania, as an expert position. Irina has been the Resident twinning consultant counterpart for the twinning project: “Implementation of a modern Financial Management and Control System and Public Financial Inspection in Albania ”, an EU funded project by IPA 2012 funds. Ms. Canco is engaged in (part-time) teaching process both in state and private universities in Albania in various study programs. She has participated and successfully completed some trainings organized by prestigious national and international institutions and organizations, such as USAID, Center of Excellence in Finance, Austrian National Bank, etc. She is the only author of most papers presented at international scientific conferences which she attended, and of some scientific articles in international scientific journals. During 2012-2014 Ms. Canco served as a member of the Pro Global Science Association based in Bucharest, Romania, and she is Assistant Editor in the editorial board of the Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research journal based in Bucharest, Romania. From 2017 ongoing, she is a full-time professor at European University of Tirana. Her expertise is: Operations Management, Decision Making, Public Risk Management and Human Resources Management. She has also: communicative skills, working group as well as is self-rigorous for her continuous professional enablement.