Prof. Assoc. Dr. Hysen Muceku

Ass. Prof. Hysen MUCEKU currently is a lecturer in subjects: “Financial Audit”, "Internal Control & Audit", "Governance, Risk & Ethics" and "Taxation & Fiscal Policy" at the Department of Economics & Finance of the Faculty of Economics, Business & Development, at the European University of Tirana. The academic experience of 15 years in public and private universities, and 25 years of work experience in public administration by holding different positions, such as manager in the banking system, specialist and manager at the Albanian Supreme Audit Institution (ALSAI), Deputy General Director of Taxation and General Director of Internal Audit of Ministry of finance. In my career as a specialist and manager gained experience in matters relating to bank management, tax administration and fiscal policies, good governance and good management of public funds, and collaborated with several organizations, such as the EU (PIFC1 & PIFC2 Project), USAID, OECD (SIGMA), SIDA on the preparation of a methodological basis in the area of Internal and External Audit of Public Sector, and Taxation. Author of a number of scientific articles (15) in national and international scientific journals, attended and been a speaker in several international scientific conferences (13), and is also an author of two monographs.