Applications and admissions

Applications and admissions

European University of Tirana, in accordance with Law 80/2015 “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania” and Senate Decision no. 01, dated 06.02.2019, has approved the admission criteria for professional study programs as well as study programs of the first and second cycle, as follows:

  1. For professional study programs for the academic year 2019-2020, no additional criteria beyond the legal criteria will apply;
  2. For the first cycle study programs, no additional criteria will be applied beyond the legal criteria, except for:
    1. a. the first cycle of the Music Arts program, for which an introductory test will be applied to assess the candidate’s abilities and competencies to pursue the respective program. Testing for the academic year 2019-2020, will be on August 21, 2019, 11:00 am at UET premises.
    2. b. the program of the first cycle of Physical Education and Sports, which requires the submission of a medical report / medical record of the student’s physical and medical condition (click here for the format);;
  3. For the second cycle Integrated programs, no additional criteria will be applied except legal criteria;
  4. For the second cycle Master Professional programs, no additional criteria will be applied beyond legal criteria.
  5. For the second cycle study programs Master of Science for the academic year 2019-2020, in accordance with the instruction of the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, each student must submit a document certifying the recognition of one of the (5) five foreign languages of the European Union for second cycle study programs.
  6. 6. For Master of Arts programs, there are no additional criteria, beyond the legal criteria.


Documentation required for admission to the first cycle of studies, Bachelor, integrated second cycle programs and professional programs

  1. Passport Photocopy or Identity card.
  2. Notarized Copy of High School Diploma and grade list.
  3. Notarized copy of Diploma Equivalence. (for Undergraduate Foreign Students)
  4. Personal Certificate
  5. 2 Photos
  6. Payment receipt.
  7. Albanian Language Certificate (for Undergraduate Foreign Students)


Documentation required for admission to the second Master’s degree programs

    • Notarized photocopy of undergraduate studies diploma and transcript translated in English (in addition diploma equivalency for foreign students).
    • Notarized photocopy of the original high school studies diploma and transcript (in addition high school diploma equivalency for foreign students).
    • ID card or passport photocopy
    • 2 Photos.
    • Payment receipt.
    • Personal Certificate
    • Foreign Language Proficiency Level B1 in one of the following exams (Master of Science and Master of Arts):


    Subjekti Gjuha dhe niveli Nr. Prot dhe data e marrëveshjes me MAS Adresa Website
    S.T.A Anglisht TOEFL ITP® – B1, B2, C1 Nr.4522, datë 29.04.2016 Rruga “Sami Frashëri”, 23/9, Tiranë 
    TOEIC® – B1, B2, C1  
    S.T.A Frëngjisht TFI™ – B1, B2, C1 Nr. 4523, datë 29.04.2016 Rruga “Sami Frashëri”, 23/9, Tiranë 
    British Council – Dega Shqipëri Anglisht Aptis B1, Aptis B2 dhe Aptis C Nr. 5333, datë 25.05.2016 Rruga “Skënderbej”,nr. 12, Ambasada Britarike, 23/9, Tiranë 
    English Cultural Institute sh.p.k Gjuhë angleze “Cambridge – PET, FCE dhe CAE” Nr. Prot., 5475, datë 30.05.2016 Rruga “Pashko Vasa” Tiranë
    Aleanca Fanceze e Tiranës Gjuhë Frënge “DELF dhe TCF “ Nr.8353 Prot. Datë 23.08.2016 Rruga e Barrikadave Nr. 122, Tiranë
    Instituti Italian i Kulturës, Tiranë Gjuhë Italiane, CILS dhe CELI, PLIDA Nr. 709 Prot., datë 27.01.2017 Sheshi Skënderbej, Pallati i Kulturës, kati II.



Transfer of studies to UET

UET, in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Charter, accepts student transfers in intermediate years from other domestic or foreign university schools, public or non-public. The transfer of studies is carried out according to the UET regulations, before the start of the academic year, within the deadlines set by the ministry. The process of curriculum evaluation and subject recognition is done in two stages: preliminary review and final review.


Documentation required for transfer of studies:

  1. Completed application form to be obtained at the Admission Office
  2. Course description of the respective study program and syllabi
  3. Grades Certificate (Transcript) which contains the list of courses and their respective grades and credits
  4. Notarized copy of the State Matura Diploma accompanied by the Grades List, or of the High School Diploma obtained in the respective country accompanied by the Grades List
  5. If high school studies have been completed abroad, document on the equivalence of high school studies issued by the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Republic of Albania.
  6. Personal Certificate
  7. 2 Photos
  8. Payment receipt.
  9. Albanian Language Certificate (for Undergraduate Foreign Students)
  10. Foreign Language Proficiency Level B1 (Master of Studies and Master of Arts)


Study programs and their normal duration

  • Bachelor Programs – 3 Academic Years (180 credits)
  • Second cycle integrated programs – 5 academic years (300 credits)
  • Master of Science – 2 academic years (120 credits)
  • Professional Master – 1 academic year (60 credits)
  • Doctoral Programs – 3 academic years.


Tuition reductions
Although UET offers multiple study fellowships, UET also applies up to 25% of the reference fee, depending on the average grade of high school and instant payments for the entire study cycle, and offers the option of paying in installments.


Applications and admissions