Aims and Objectives

Polis is committed to promoting the best ideas and upholding the highest academic standards.

Polis (ISSN: 2223-8174) is an international peer reviewed journal published twice a year by the European University of Tirana, Albania. Polis’ first issue came out in 2006 and for 10 years it published cutting edge research on the Western Balkan region in Albanian. Since 2017 Polis publishes articles in English only covering a diverse range of theoretical and methodological perspectives in the field of social sciences and humanities broadly defined. Specifically, the journal publishes original articles in the disciplines of sociology, history, communication, nationalism, law, politics, and international relations. In geographical terms, the journal covers post-communist European countries with a particular emphasis on the Western Balkans and Albania.

Scope: Polis publishes pioneering research in the field of humanities and social sciences with a particular focus on developing economies and emerging democracies. The Journal has a keen interest in the fields of political science, history, law, international relations, communication, and public policy. Polis encourages young scholars and late stage PhD candidates to submit articles for publication.