VTech Project

Accelerating Western Balkans University Modernization by Incorporating Virtual Technologies – [email protected], 2019 – 2022

Traditional teaching methods are losing their effectiveness and intelligent methods are becoming more and more important to increase teaching effectiveness. The aim for using 3D animation techniques, virtual reality (VR) and logic video gaming, is to increase the degree of understanding in basic concepts of the main courses in technical study programs. This project overall objective is at introducing for the first time at Western Balkan universities the concept of virtual technologies as a tool for accelerating university modernisation, while contributing on developing knowledge-driven society. By incorporating Virtual Technologies in academic culture of universities this project aims at increasing the quality and level of efficiency in teaching and knowledge retention through interactive learning methods, thus contributing on skills enhancement and further building of digital society at WB countries. In the mid and long term, the project will enhance effectiveness of the higher education system in knowledge retention and application. The project direct beneficiaries are universities, schools, teachers, students, regional industries and businesses.

The project is comprised of the following specific objectives:

  • Capacity building of academic staff to incorporate Virtual Technologies in teaching;
  • Develop teaching methodologies availing of technology and/or ICTtools;
  • Equip students with competencies to use/access tools, software andplatforms;
  • Increase interaction between teachers andstudents;
  • Increasethe level of understanding and reduce the grasping time and the effort that students need to learn information by using 3D concepts instead of 2D ones;
  • Offera better delivery of basic knowledge even for complex issues, higher learning efficiency and better learning experience by AR/VR techniques;
  • Establish Virtual Technology HUB for developing teaching materials for basic learning courses and serve as a HUB for otherHEIs;
  • Foster cooperation between academy and industry by organizing open days, joint product developments, thesis supervisionetc.;
  • Develop capacities for future joint research and innovative ideas with the support of VirtualTechnologies.

Partners in the project:

  1. Aleksander Moisiu Univeresity
  2. European University of Tirana
  3. Polis University
  4. Epoka University
  5. University of Prishtina
  6. University for Business and Technology
  7. Mother Teresa University
  8. South East European University
  9. University of Tartu
  10. Lodz University of Technology
  11. University of Ljubljana

Contact person: Dr. Ketrina Çabiri Mijo

Project Site: https://vtech-project.eu/

VTech Project