Virtual Albanian European Universities Exchange – VALEU-X, 2020-2022

Virtual Albanian European Universities Exchange – VALEU-X, 2020-2022

Rapid advancements in ICT impose significant change in almost all aspects of our life. Networked technologies offer opportunities to reshape human interaction, and create new possibilities in key sectors including health, business and education. The VALEU-X project wants to add a significant value to the teaching process in Albania by empowering academic staff with contemporary teaching competencies. A comprehensive capacity building Programme will be implemented to facilitate intensive know-how transfer among the consortium members to address the problems of outdated instructor-centered frontal teaching methods, limited physical academic mobility, and ineffective use of ICT in formal higher education in Albania.

The overall objective of VALEU-X is to improve quality of teaching in Albanian Higher Education Institutions by introducing innovative collaborative tools and methodologies and fostering academic international exchange.

Specific objectives for VALEU-X are:

  • Qualification of academic staff at Albanian Higher Education Institutions on modern pedagogical and didactical methodologies for innovative virtual teaching and learning settings;
  • Support Albanian Higher Education Institutions in adopting and implementing effective ICT-based internationalization at home activities and integrate Albanian HEIs in a global network for Virtual Mobility;
  • Open up higher education in Albania to integrate disadvantaged groups including women, rural areas inhabitants, and refugees in inclusive virtual classroom settings.

The website of the project:

Partners in the project:

1.     Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) – Germany

2.     International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS) – Slovenia

3.     Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED) -Italy

4.     European Universit of Tirana (UET)

5.     Turgut Ozal Education SHA (EPOKA)

6.     University Fan S. Noli (UNIKO)

7.     Aleksandër Moisiu Universtiy of Durrës (UAMD)

8.     “Luigi Gurakugi” University of Shkodra (UNISHK)

9.     University of Elbasan ” Aleksander Xhuvani” (UEAXH)


Contact Person : Dr. Ketrina Çabiri Mijo

Virtual Albanian European Universities Exchange – VALEU-X, 2020-2022