Grand Research Projects (GRP) represent the main organising principle of research at EUT, are led by senior researchers, and encourage interdisciplinary research.

Housed under the GRPs, the research units are the main mechanism through which the objectives of the GRPs are materialised through empirical studies, which – simultaneously – fulfil the objectives of the GRPs and are in coherence with the overall goals of the researchers’ individual research projects. The research units are also the main instrument, which welcomes and ‘houses’ incoming doctoral students who undertake research that fits the units’ main research objectives and interests. Research units, being attached to the GRPs and incorporating doctoral candidates, develop research projects that cannot be shorter than three years.

This organisational structure enables interdisciplinary research and simultaneously ‘orients’ EUT researchers towards those areas that are important to EUT and its partners.


Grand Research Projects (GRP):

Faculty of Economy, Business and development

The new economic model in Albania

Faculty of Law, Political science and International relations

The state and the right to transformation

Faculty of Humanities, Education and Liberal arts

The role of the individual in the development of Albanian society

Faculty of Engineering, Informatics and Architecture

The impact of innovation in industry and services

Faculty of technical medical sciences

Challenges and the future in the medical fields

Projektet e Grupet kërkimore