E- Viva aims at the creation of a blended learning approach to facilitate and validate competence developments related to service orientation in rather informal learning contexts in higher education institutes and workplace learning contexts. It will contribute to evidencing those competences that are of fundamental importance in the service economy and that are acquired to a large extent in non-formalized learning contexts. With its approach to combine Higher education and professional practice, e-VIVA will contribute to an improved transparency of the acquired competences in a transnational comparative approach. Nevertheless, it will provide learning and validation opportunities in highly contextualized and individualized learning settings. With this it will also open new learning pathways and eventually also lead to a better matching of learning contents and individual learning styles (preferences).

This project is led by European University of Tirana and it has a budget of approximately 1 million euros.

Project Partners:

  1. European University of Tirana – Shqipëri
  2. die Berater® Unternehmensberatung GmbH / dB – Austri
  3. Blended learning institutions’ cooperative / blinc eG – Gjermani
  4. University of Duisburg Essen – Gjermani
  5. Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Portugali
  6. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje – Maqedoni
  7. Mother Teresa University – Maqedoni
  8. University of Elbasan “Aleksander Xhuvani” – Shqipëri
  9. University of Sarajevo – Bosnje dhe Hercegovinë
  10. University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology- Bosnje dhe Hercegovinë
  11. University of Donja Gorica – Mali i Zi
  12. University of Montenegro – Mali i Zi
  13. Universum College – Kosovë
  14. University “Kadri Zeka” Gjilan – Kosovë
  15. University of Novi Sad – Serbi
  16. University of Niš – Serbi

Project Website: www.evivaproject.eu

Contact Person:

Dr. Ketrina Cabiri

Email: [email protected]