The PhD program in Economics is an advanced degree of university study which seeks to provide in accordance with the philosophy of the European University of Tirana, treatment and solutions to the problems faced by contemporary Albanian society through the creation of scientists who have an academic training that allows them to offer in-depth scientific thinking, a thorough analytical thinking. The European University of Tirana also offers to candidates for doctorates, infrastructures, methodologies, and comprehensive scientific information in the field of economic sciences. Candidates for doctoral degrees will conduct an in-depth study in a clearly defined area of economic problems, in which they will demonstrate an exhaustive approach to economic theory and an analytical and applied ability in line with our society’s problems. This is intended to be achieved by developing close working relationships with one or more lecturers and writing studies, papers or articles as co-authors.

The PhD program is organized in the following directions:
A – Finance
B – Management
C – Economic and Sustainable Development
D – Information Systems Management

PLAN – PhD program in Economic Sciences
Nr.Activity NameECTS
1Advanced Research Methods 110
2Advanced Research Methods in Economic Sciences 210
3Contemporary Economic Theory 110
4Contemporary Economic Theory 25
Select 1 of the directions below:
5Advanced Theory and Studies in Finance15
5Advanced Theory and Studies in Management15
5Advanced Theory and Studies in Macroeconomy Development15
5Advanced Theory and Studies in MIS15
6Comprehensive Exam10