Putting Human Rights at the Heart of Higher Education in the Western Balkans.

 The Tempus Project ‘Putting Human Rights at the Heart of Higher Education (Heart)’ is primarily intended to support the establishment and further development of multi-disciplinary education programs that focus on the area of ​​human rights and citizenship for university and postgraduate level in the Western Balkans. This project includes a consortium of 11 universities from Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Germany, Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The University of Roehampton in Great Britain is the lead institution in this project, while the European University of Tirana as a partner is collaborating with the UET Center for the implementation of this project. The European University of Tirana and the UET Center contribute to the project with the expertise of a highly qualified staff in the field of human rights and education in Albania as well as logistical services.

With an international reputation in the field of human rights and education, the University of Roehampton offers opportunities for promoting scientific research in the field of human rights, exchange of knowledge and expertise and development of higher education in Western Balkan countries through the support and strengthening of inter-university cooperation within the project.

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Blerjana Bino
E-mail: [email protected]

Për më shumë informacion vizitoni faqen zyrtare të projektit: http://www.humanrightsteaching.org/

Rezultatet e Projektit HEART:
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2. HEART Praktikat më të mira në Shqip 
3. Zhvillimi i kurseve për të drejtat e njeriut – UET