About EUT

Since its establishment, UET has shown that it is a university of all, students, professors, social actors and politically neutral, being universally open to all, currents, ideas, political wings, tendencies or social groups.

Mission of EUT: Integration in society through dialogue, ideas, projects, debates, contributing as the engine of the economy, with the construction of international networks, but also having the responsibility to engage with the sole purpose of increasing the values ​​of Albanian society.

EUT Vision: Our distinctive approach to research, education and innovation will further inspire the community, faculty, students and partners, leading them to a knowledge society as functional as possible for the benefit of society


Adri Nurellari, Tonin Gjuraj, Henri Çili, Ferit Duka, Romeo Gurakuqi, Ermal Hasimja, Blendi Kajsiu

About EUT