Message from the President of EUT Prof. Asoc. Dr. Selami Xhepa

Dear Parents

You have encouraged, motivated, guided, supported and inspired your children. Going to university is a great journey for graduates, and we know you are on that journey with them.

As a parent, you will see your child support network grow and enjoy when their personal and academic passions thrive on career paths, research opportunities, extracurricular activities, which serve their community.

UET believes in the principle of continuous work towards excellence in all aspects of life – intellectual, and professional.

We strive to give our students the tools they need to excel professionally and make positive changes, with social responsibility in academic and professional settings. These are lofty goals, but we know you and your children are ready for the university challenge that will throw them into the job market tomorrow.

Meanwhile the UET registration process should not be a challenge and we want to help make it easier for your family.

If you are planning your first visit to UET we can help you in advance with information about deadlines and registration criteria,

(Registration criteria)

or to benefit from the many scholarships that the European University of Tirana offers such as those of excellence, talent and Kadare Scholarship.

(Apply for scholarships)

Also one of the aspects that differentiates UET from other institutions of higher education is the internationalization and dozens of scholarships from the Erasmus + program in the most prestigious universities in the European Union to complete one or more semesters in these institutions.

(Erasmus Scholarships and Exchanges)

For all these and many other information about UET you can come every day to contact the faculty leaders, our career counselors for your child to get the right academic and professional orientation, or you can contact at:




Address: Bulevardi “Gjergj Fishta”, Nd.70, H.1, Njësia Bashkiake Nr.7, Kodi Postar 1023, Tiranë, Shqipëri.

Quality and Accreditation

UET ka akreditim të plotë shqiptar. Të diplomuarit marrin një diplomë shqiptare, UET njihet si një nga universitetet më të mira në ballkan dhe universiteti tërheq studentë të lartë nga më shumë se 15 vende të botës. Shkëmbimet Erasmus janë një nga faktoret e suksesit, kjo pasi UET ka marreveshje me shume universitet Europiane te cilat ofrojne bursa dhe mundesi studimi 1 vjecare.

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

An institution like the European University of Tirana, a leader in the education sector in Albania, among the many strengths, the strongest point is the academic staff.

Over 200 internal lecturers are part of the academic staff, of which more than 150 have at least the title Dr. about 30 PhD, 31 with the title Prof. Assoc. Dr and 30 Prof. Dr. UET professors are prominent names and with well-known status in their fields. Many of them come from teaching in well-known western universities

50+ Senior lecturers.
UET, since its establishment has had the priority of adding Senior lecturers in order to bring their academic experience to the auditorium.
50+ Professors.
Our professors not only have the role of teaching in the auditorium but they make an outstanding contribution to scientific research.
50 + Lecturer.
Teaching and assessment are closely related. In this way the main role of lecturers at UET is the continuous mentoring of the student throughout his studies.
50+ Assistant
The intertwining of new lecturers with older ones makes the students in the auditorium get multiple views about different topics.