Brunilda Hoxhaj

Dr. Brunilda Hoxhaj

Doctor in Labor Sciences and Social Policy, University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Labor and Social Policy. MsC in the field of Social Policy for target groups in need, University of Tirana. BA in Social Work, University of Tirana.

Trainings and qualifications in dealing with problems and counseling children in street situation, abused women and girls, Roma and Egyptian minorities, the elderly.

Author of several publications in the field of providing social services for the elderly and policies about these services in scientific journals at home and abroad.

With 4 years of experience in teaching at the university level in the public and non-public sector, experience in the field of social services, national and international civil society. Currently full-time lecturer at UET, at the Department of Psychology, Education and Sports, Faculty of Humanities, Education and Liberal Arts.

Brunilda Hoxhaj