COST – European Collaboration in Science and Technology


Cost is a European structure that supports cross-national co-operation among researchers and engineers across Europe. It is a unique tool for them to jointly develop their ideas and new initiatives in all areas of science and technology, including social sciences and humanities, through pan -European networking of research activities funded by national funds. COST aims to enable rapid scientific development that lead to new concepts and products. In this way it contributes to the strengthening of Europe’s research and innovation capacities.

COST’s governing body, the Senior Officials Committee (CSO) has unanimously accepted Albania’s full membership bid at COST. Our country is now the 37th member of COST.

The CSO made the decision at its 203rd meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland on April 25-26, 2018. Albania fulfills all the requirements to become a full member of COST. Albanian institutions have participated in at least two consecutive EU programs and at least 5% COST actions.

The Albanian research community is currently participating in about 10% of the actions conducted by COST. UET researchers have always been active in the scheme and are currently being involved in 7 COST actions, thus contributing to Albania’s national representation in the program.

Since 2015, UET researchers are participating in various COST actions:

Dr Besarta Vladi –  Action Cost CA16121

Contact: [email protected]  and visit:

Dr Blerjana Bino – ISCH Action COST IS1308 and Action COST CA15207

Contact: [email protected]

For ISCH Action COST IS1308 visit:

For Action COST CA15207 visit:

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Erika Melonashi – Action COST CA15221 and Action COST CA16207

Contact: [email protected]

For Action COST CA15221 visit:

For Action COST CA16207 visit:

Dr. Ketrina Çabiri-Mijo – Action COST CA 15137

Contact: [email protected]   and visit:

Assoc. Prof. Dr Konstantinos Giakoumis – Action COST CA16213 and Action CA18140

Contact: [email protected] ,

For Action COST CA16213, visit:

For Action COST CA18140, visit:|Name:management-committee

Dr. Brikena Smajli – Action COST– CA18126 AL

Contact: [email protected]

For Action COST CA18126 AL, visit|Name:overview

Msc. Vahidije Kadiu – Action COST– CA16105 AL

Contact: [email protected]

Msc. Lutjona Lula – COST Targeted Network – TN1302: BESTPRAC

Contact: [email protected]

For more information please visit: