The quality of teaching has been raised as one of the most important issues in Albania, especially during  the last few years when the number of private universities has increased. It is difficult to find the solution to this matter through reforms. Two of the biggest problems are related to the lack of transparency in student evaluations and the low quality of teaching / textual modules. The CleanScore project will address these two issues.

CleanScore is a special project, not only because of its ambitious goals, but also because of the nature of its development. CleanScore aims to establish a new way of evaluating and reporting for each exam that students conducts, as well as the use of new textbooks for specific subjects. CleanScore is a digital evaluation center aimed at transparency in student evaluation as well as improving the quality of teaching by replacing current texts with up-to-date versions of international publications.

This project is funded by AADF, a non-profit corporation governed by the Board of Trustees, which operates entirely in Albania. The mission of the foundation is to facilitate the development of a stable private sector economy and the creation of a democratic society in Albania. It also aims to contribute to the stability of South East Europe.


Project Fiche

UET Clean Score
Project Title Clean Score
Donor Albanian-American Development Foundation
Program Unit of Projects for Research and Development
Lead Institution Ministry of Education and Sports
Role of UET Project Partner
Project Coordinator UET Dr. Clirim Duro
Working Group UET 1.       Adrian Civici

2.       Perparim Fuga

3.       Luljeta Minxhozi

4.       Elvin Meka

5.       Selami Xhepa

6.       Oltjana Zoto

7.       Indrit Baholli

8.       Drita Kruja

9.       Ermira Qosja

10.   Arbi Agalliu

11.   Eniel Ninka

12.   Besart Kadia

External Staff —-
Partners Ministry of Education and Sports


University of Tirana

Project Objective  This project aims to develop a unit that will stop corruption in evaluating students, will improve teaching and will increase performance as well as reduce the length of testing. Another objective of this project is related to the mitigation of distractions during the testing period, which will reduce the mistakes made during this process.
Project Activities Purchasing texts, translating and printing texts, editing, building a testing room, computer software creation, security camera control, and maintenance of the database.
Results Reduction of distortions during the evaluation process.


Improvement of the quality of teaching through a better material.


Improvement of the efficiency of faculties

Duration 2016-2018


Project Coordinator UET

Dr. Ketrina Cabiri (Mijo)

[email protected]