Internationally and locally, societies are facing multiple and complex challenges testing their coherence and ability to respond appropriately. Rapid technological revolutions, demographic transformations, immigration and internal displacements have opened numerous ruptures even within once stable and relatively homogeneous societies. These raptures are being felt in the political, social, economic, and value system in societies across the developed and developing world. Often, researchers and academics have been caught off guard by these developments and have struggled to provide overarching explanations as to their causes. Therefore, it is imperative for social, human, and technological sciences to develop new approaches to study the built socio-political environment to better understand and respond to the complex challenges we are facing. From this perspective, a number of questions need to be asked anew. How can institutions respond to new and emerging social schisms? How can established research programs study these occurrences? As importantly, how can we develop cross-disciplinary approaches to studying these complex events in conjunction with social, human, economic, architectural, health, and technological sciences? All these questions are the subject of intense reflections, debates, and reforms in most countries including Albania. Therefore, the 2019 Albanian Studies Days is dedicated to examining the ways in which societies are coping with a variety of emerging challenges and the new approaches that academics should employ to studying them. All scholars who examine contemporary challenges produced by social, economic, health, and technological changes are welcome to our two-day conference to exchange perspectives and share findings with the purpose of perfecting the study of this topic and contributing to better, evidence-based, policy making.  (Click Here)