Bottom-up Sport Partnership (BSPORT+)

B-SPORT+ is a blueprint to engage and activate persons with disabilities (PwD) and to assist them adopting healthy habits through a Lifelong Sporting System starting at early age and continuing in their active life (workplace, professional activity, etc.). Accordingly, B-SPORTS+ project focuses on developing actionable and deployable mechanisms, for improving the engagement and activation of PwD in healthier lifestyles, and on creating new cooperation settings and synergies and supporting existing ones, across key organisations and existing networks.

B-SPORTS+ brings together leading bodies from an enlarged sphere of audiences and groups, including sport, physical activity, science and research, businesses, the civil society, education and training, government bodies, in a remarkable partnership of expertise to implement the project, which incorporates the following focus points:

  1. activating actors in new roles promoting cross-sectoral cooperation, for instance with the schooling sphere, and giving impetus to EU initiatives such as the Teachers’ Resource Pack, and with businesses (workplace settings, health clubs partnerships);
  2. building cross-sectoral and sectoral capacity to equip resident facilitators, the “Healthy Lifestyle Facilitator” (HL-Coach), and deployable “Healthy Lifestyle Multipliers” (HL-Multi) with a PwD-oriented Capacity Building Programme “POWER SPORT+” which generates both HEPA activation/engagement, and individual empowerment;
  3. creating the user-driven digital social and Open Educational Resources (OER) platform “SPORT+LIFE” to support the individuals and organisations engaged in B-SPORT+ collaborative developments;
  4. liaising with science and technology, linking with Knowledge and Innovation Communities to generate innovative strategies to raise awareness on the benefit of healthy lifestyles;
  5. examining PwD specific needs related to assistive technologies to tackle obstacles in accessing HEPA;
  6. addressing the policy life cycle within a HEPA Policy Lab to assess impact in real environments;
  7. realizing local events during the European Week of Sport and other similar events several times a year;
  8. generating an actionable and deployable knowledge basis enhancing the dialogue across health and sport network through research and comparative studies, benchmarking good practices and gathering data on people’s attitudes and habits;
  9. contributing to data mining on healthy lifestyle indicators (interventions and actions, innovation) and to up-to-date country factsheets on health-enhancing physical activity (heap), and creating basis for a “HEPA Monitor”;
  10. contributing to the digital transformation of the sport and health sector with a specific focus on blockchain digital records and monetization towards funding innovation and B-SPORT+LIFE ecosystem;

B-SPORT+ generates simple and practical mechanisms with a systemic approach supported by recognized organisations, taking actions considering local contexts, creating environments and an on-site and online  ecosystem (SPORT+LIFE) with the inclusive participation of PwD, to provide a large series of minor changes across key actors engaged with PwD.

Project Partners: 

  1. INTRAS Foundation, Spain
  2. İstanbul Avrupa Araştırmaları Derneği, Turkey
  3. OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje d.o.o., Slovenia
  4. STICHTING WONCA Europe, Netherlands
  5. Asociacion de Psicologia Evolutiva y Educativa de la Infancia, Spain
  6. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
  7. Topcoach  s.r.o., Slovakia
  8. Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
  9. TRENDHUIS, Belgium
  10. European University of Tirana, Albania

Contact Person: Ornela Vladi