Medicus - A short story

The first issue of the Medicus Journal was published by the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences at the European University of Tirana in 2018. The first issue of Medicus was published shortly after the foundation of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at EUT, with the contribution of 12 scientific researchers and their scientific works. Following, in its second issue, Medicus published the works of the XVIIIth Congress of the Albanian Association of Hematology, following the cooperation with scientific research professionals.

The founding team led by EUT executives under the contemporary vision of the Chairman of the Board of Administration, Mr. Henri Çili created a new standard for academic publications in Albania following the example of other outstanding medical journals.

Editor-in-Chief of the Medicus Journal is Prof. Dr. Isuf Kalo, who brings his western European academic and professional experience, in order to serve to the standards and high quality of Medicus publications.

The west-based model of the Medicus, focused on academic rigor and open to different methodologies and theories, will turn it into an attractive academic oasis for spreading knowledge, advancement, and debate in contemporary medical research.

Scientific research is encouraged not only for the EUT staff but also collaborators of Medicus journal, professionals of the same fields and medical specialists, academic staff of the public and private education institutions in Albania and beyond.

The magazine is published in English and is equipped with ISSN 2663-7758.