There are at least 10 strong reasons why one should choose UET, starting from academic excellence and research to vibrant student life and modern infrastructure. The European University of Tirana is one of the best universities to study and to create the foundations of a secure future. Lecturers and professors, ideologists and philosophers, the most successful politicians and business entrepreneurs in the country and beyond are always present at UET audiences to inspire you.

  • Accredited

European University of Tirana” is accredited by the Accreditation Board Decision no. 12 date: 07.04.2017 with the duration of five academic years.

  • 90%+

of UET students are employed. In the labor market, UET graduates are among the most successful ones due to UET strategy to pursue the development and promotion of students’ career. There are 8 Employment boards to support students ‘career, composed of members and directors from public and private institutions, the largest companies and businesses within the country, who meet regularly and contribute with valuable advice and suggestions.

  • 15,000 m2

The campus includes modern auditoriums, laboratories, a library, various service facilities such as a photocopier, internet lounge, bar, restaurant, parking lot and garden.

  • 15,000+

Students have chosen to study at UET. UET has become a benchmark in higher education, thanks to the dedication of our academic staff, the transformation of our auditoriums into research spaces and discussion pannels, active participation in public life, sharing of ideas and visions for the development and social welfare, achievements and successful experiences of our former students.

  • UET Network

There are more than 10,000 alumni today, employed in private companies, public institutions, non-profit organizations, or self-employed. Through “UET ALUMNI” we maintain and develop links with our graduates, considering them one of the most valuable assets we have. UET ALUMNI and UET staff meet periodically, ready to help and support each other.

  • 7%

of the graduates in first cycle of studies at UET, are offered a place to the best universities abroad. The European Credit Transfer System enables the transfer of studies to international universities, and the recognition of their diploma. “UET Diploma” is a guarantee for more.

  • UET in Tirana

Due to its geographical location, UET is an opportunity for everyone. For those who love to entertain, there is only a few minutes’ walk to reach one of the area’s most popular for young people: “Bllok” and several minutes to reach the city center. For those addicted to culture and history, Tirana offers numerous museums and galleries as well as diverse tourist destinations. Numerous web-sites help you to make the right choice.

  • 200+

Internal lecturers are part of the academic staff, of which more than 150 hold at least a Dr. title, about 30 PhD and 20 Prof. Dr. UET lecturers are prominent and well-known in their fields. Many proffessors have previous experience in lecturing at well-known Western universities.

  • Financial support

UET offers financing of 0% interest rate for studies in cooperation with banks in the country, as well as the payment of the tuition fee in installments. Also, in order to promote the philosophy of an open institution with a focus on social responsibility, the European University of Tirana annually grants 500 full and half scholarships to their students.

  • Activities

UET hosts several different extracurricular activities each week, from open lectures with well-known lecturers to various sports activities. Depending on your field of study interests, you can enroll in one student clubs that operate at UET, become part of traveling abroad, or become the initiator of several activities. Just pay attention and read the many announcements in the UET lobby.