tania floqi

Prof. Dr. Tania Floqi

Prof. Dr. Tania Floqi after graduating from the course of ‘Industrial Chemistry’ in the University of Tirana, has started working at the Public Health Institute where she has set up for the first time the Laboratory of Drinking Water and Wastewater. Later, at the University of Tirana, in the hydraulics laboratory, she worked on the establishment of the Water Treatment Plant for discharges of Tirana Textile Factory, with the biological method. After the 1990s, she worked as Head of the Environmental Department and Director of the Institute of Industrial Studies and Design. During this period, she has completed numerous qualifications in different countries of the world for water treatment, urban waste, environmental management, etc. Subsequently, as a lecturer and head of the Department of Environmental Engineering, she has led and participated in many national projects as well as those of the EU, giving her contribution in the environmental field. She has also worked for the accreditation of UPT (Polytechnic University of Tirana) programs in the position of director of the Quality Assurance Center at UPT and as a member of the editorial board of the technical sciences bulletin of UPT.