MSc. Suzana Kuka

Sculptor ILA, Tirana / (Sculptor University of Arts), Sculptor for art education programs at MOMA and Metropolitan - New York, USA, at ACS Doha - International School, Qatar. Author / painter in several feature and animated films - Kinostudio "Shqipëria e Re", Tirana. Sculptor - Center for the Realization of Works of Art, Tirana. Curator of dozens of art exhibitions of Albanian artists in Albania and abroad. Author of dozens of art catalogs. Author of 12 art books with historical character and art monographs. Author of hundreds of articles published in print media, on critical and debating issues on art, on artistic, aesthetic and historical phenomena on art. 194-2016 on studies, art historian head of the department of studies works of art - National Gallery of Arts, Tirana. part-time lecturer in the subject of Albanian Art History at the University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology. From 2015-2019, part-time lecturer in Art History, Visual Composition, Color and Light, and Scenography at UET. Full-time pedagogical education at the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts.