Msc. Shaqir Veseli

Shaqir Veseli is a painter, scenographer, filmmaker and author of animated films born in 1957 in Fushë-Kruja Krujë. Veseli graduated from the Artistic High School of Tirana in 1982 and the Academy of Fine Arts in 1986. He later contributed to the students at the University of Arts as an external lecturer in Scenography. Shaqir Veseli is the author of several cartoons where among the most famous are Cafe and Guernika presented at TIFF - Tirana International Film Festival and Anifest Rozafa - International Cartoon Film Festival. As an animator, in collaboration with his colleague and director Artan Maku, he has been present at the annual national festivals in Tirana and Kosovo, as well as in the European Film metropolises. As a film painter, he was awarded trophies in the films: Colonel Bunker by director Kujtim Çashku and in the film Slogans by director Gjergj Xhuvani with the screenplay by Ylljet Alicka from the book Slogans with Stones. In 2003 he opened the first exhibition together with the sculptor Fatos Kola at the International Cultural Center or Pyramid in Tirana. His work as a visual artist is also present in the collection of modern art at the National Gallery of Arts. Shaqir Veseli has been a lecturer at the Department of Applied Arts at the European University of Tirana for years.