paola budani

MSc. Paola Budani

Paola Budani started piano lessons at the "Onufri Liceo" Elbasan with Prof. Brikena Nurka Cerraga. She finished BACHELOR and Master study programs with outstanding results at University of Arts Albania \ Tirana in the class of Ascc.Prof. M.R.Tershana. Winner in many competitons like: " II Price " at the F.Chopin Competition (2014) "First Price" and the Special price, "Beethoven" in the "New Pianist" (2015) Tirana "III Price" (2016) and "First Priz3" (2018) in the competition P. Gaci; Winner of 2nd and 1st prizes and "Absolute First Prize" in the Pianist Duet Competition over the years (2011-2012-2013-2016); Special Price "F.Listz" (2016) and "III Prize" (2017) in the Ksamil Landscape Competition. Active in many concerts and festivals like: "Pianodrom" November 2016 Issues 4; "Duo Piano" Pianodrom 2017 Issues 5; Chopin Fest Pristina "Juvenis Scene" April 2017; Concerts with Young Composers' Works (April2017-May2017); First Piano recital (July 2018) In concerts of the class of prof. Ass.Pror.M.R. Tershana (January 2016-February 2017-June 2017-February 2018); "Romanca Shqiptare" edition X May 2017; "New Music Concert" March 2018. And also Winner scholarship awarded by Yamaha for the best students (February 2017). Participant in many Masterclass with different Professors like : H.Koch (2014); D.Vasilakis; T.Trevisan (2016); V.Yeritsan (2017). First Recital Concert (July 2018). "Nei Suoni dei Luoghi" Festival Udine / Italy where she is part of the Trio ,Clarinet, Viole and Piano. The variety of the program and the combination with two different instruments has made this Trio part of the Udine Festival and finalizing the Concert on September 14, 2018. In august-december part of Erasmus (2019) as exchange student at Agder University ,Norway. Also participant at the "Balcan Music Contemporary Festival" (october 2021) and "Different trains " chamber music festival (november 2021) . For an year piano accompaniment at the University of Arts in Tirana. Currently a full-time lecturer at the European University of Tirana.