hasimin keci

MSc. Hasimin Keçi

Bachelor on economical engineering on 2018 on Polytechnic University of Tirana. Master of sciences on industrial engineering on 2021 on European University of Tirana. From July of 2018 until January of 2021, he has worked as an economist on the company Gllavica sh.p.k. In February 2021 he has worked for a short period of time as sales manager for the company Illyria Geotechnologies. From march until July 2021ha has worked as a translator of Spanish language. In July 2021 he has returned as an economist in the company Gllavica sh.p.k. From the beginning of academical year 2021 -2022 he works as assistant lecturer in the department of engineering in Faculty of Engineering, Informatics and Architecture in the European University of Tirana.