Msc. Anila Zajmi Katanolli

Msc. Anila Zajmi-Katanolli is an artist and lecturer known as a designer in the field of fashion and decor. She is also known as a prominent painter inside and outside the country, as well as costume designer of weighty performances in several genres of the stage, such as: theater, opera, ballet, television and film. Criticism in particular has defined her as an experimenter of art and tradition, in reviving old national heritage techniques as an ethnology researcher. In general, in her work Zajmi is interested in the human figure and this in those positions and poses which highlight their clothes and decor. She inspires and enriches her figures with the main purpose of enriching her collection from which she draws with a masterful experience and builds new models for her costume figures that for years accompany the performances of opera, theater or presentation shows created by her. . Anila's works are more complete and different and with an originality, but in them she feels and understands that she has known to take from her father's creativity that particular one which she takes further, and that is exactly the creative courage, stopping at the motives. national decorative and their placement in a modern context and form. Anila's works are a series selected from a whole host of works realized by her atelier "objects d'art".