Dr. Dorina Xhani

PhD in Social Science, University of Tirana (2017), MA in European Studies, University of Tirana (2005-2008). Author of articles in several scientific International Journals on various issues from a psychological and social point of view. Director at TISS Center - Center for Psychosocial Services and Treatment, Durres. The focus of work: psychosocial services for children with autism disorders (2014-2019). Project Manager (part time) at Health Tourism Albania (2017-2019), in terms of drafting a series of projects with the Company for marketing and orientation in a range of medical services for the patient both within the country and abroad. Head of the Integration Sector at the Ministry of Health (2013) as well as various engagements in the hospital sector at the Department of Human Resources. Part-time lecturer at the University of Tirana (2013-2019), at the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as at the University 'Aleksander Xhuvani' in Elbasan (2014-2019). Currently full-time lecturer at UET from 2019 and on, at the Department of Psychology, Education and Sports.