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Student Life

The acquisition of knowledge is the primary objective of a student and at UET this goal is achieved not only through lectures and seminars. Anyone who has studied or studied at the European University of Tirana knows that one of the strengths of this institution is the student life that characterizes it, dynamic and attractive, with many opportunities where everyone can find themselves at their best.
Open lectures, extracurricular activities, competitions, student organizations, these are just some of the factors that enrich the experience of studying at UET.

Student Exchanges
The European University of Tirana has been part of the Erasmus + scheme since the launch of the scheme by the European Commission in 2014. Since then UET has benefited from several projects for staff and student exchange, as well as capacity building at universities. In the context of student mobility, UET sends dozens of its students each year to study at Europe’s most renowned universities while simultaneously hosting European students in its auditors. For more information on student exchanges click (here)

Dean of Students
The Dean of Students and her team at the European University of Tirana assists the University students in their personal, social and academic development, enabling a better study experience. For more information on the Dean of Students click (here)

Student Government
The Student Government, democratically elected by the students themselves each year, is the body that represents the interests of the students. Student participation in UET governance has been realized through the involvement of their representatives in the governance structures. For more information on student government ( here )

Student Clubs
Student clubs at UET are a very important structure that constitutes student life. These organizations enable students to be called students in the full sense of the word, not just academically. They provide them with a different space where they can gain a career orientation as well as gain or enhance interpersonal skills and a more active social life. In UET philosophy students are encouraged to give their ideas and be creative so clubs are specially built spaces for them to be creative and put their ideas into practice. For more information on student clubs click ( here )

Career Counseling

The European University of Tirana has as its priority the recruitment of qualified students into the labor market, supporting and pursuing their careers step by step. The Career Counseling Office performs several functions closely related to providing students with the opportunity, during their studies, to build their recognition network to easily integrate into the job market, but also to pursue their studies. For more information on career counseling at UET click ( here )


Jeta Studentore