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UET, A place of Excellence and University for all

With more than 10 years of experience in higher education and certified standards, UET offers all the opportunities while guarantees excellence for students, lecturers, researchers, parents and other stakeholders, a co-working space for their projects, ideas and dreams. UET has already graduated more than 6500 students in three study cycles: Bachelor, Master and PhD program. UET auditors have had more than 15,000 students. All study programs are licensed and accredited. International accreditations have certified the quality of European University of Tirana. The first ranking was carried out by the German CHE agency and the first accreditation from ASCAL was focusing on doctoral programs with the participation of Austrian experts: Dr. Hans Kochler and Prof. Dr. Christian Brunner. The most recent re-accreditation was conducted by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency in UK) with the final score “Fully Met”, excellent in five components assessed by the British Agency.

+15000 students enrolled in 10 academic years

2750 scholarships granted by UET per year, full / partial

475 UET students completed a semester of study abroad

6 million Euro UET contribution to social responsibility

750 thousand Euro research budget per year, grants / publications

235 books published by UET Press

575 lecturers have been part of EUT for ten years

4363 Bachelor students

2323 Master’s students

336 Doctors of Science

Fakte & Shifra