Scholarships at EUT

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The European University of Tirana annually sets several scholarships available to students. Currently at UET over 500 students are beneficiaries of full or partial scholarships.

Excellence Scholarships
We encourage and help excellent students with scholarships. In line with the results of the previous year, scholarships are awarded each year for excellent students. In addition to evaluating student achievement, Excellence Scholarships also promote competition for the benefit of increased student preparation.

Talent Scholarship
We are on the side of students who show a tendency to succeed in various fields such as art, politics, sports and science. To stimulate their work and dedication, UET awards Talent Scholarships to assist talented young people.

Social Scholarship
We are aware of the difficulties that certain groups face in pursuing university studies. We try to contribute to society by awarding Social Scholarships to vulnerable groups, sometimes in collaboration with other social and institutional actors.

Leadership Scholarship
We believe that changes in society will come from active young people who engage and know how to engage others. UET supports young people who have shown leadership skills and want to become more involved in the development of society by offering Leadership Scholarship.

“Pashko” Scholarship
The “Pashko” Scholarship is a special scholarship based on two criteria: excellence and social problems. Believing that talents and dedication to education need to be supported to move forward, this scholarship helps young people excel in learning but do not have financial means to afford university education or have a difficult family history.

Meanwhile, the European University of Tirana becomes the first private university to open the whole range of humanities and social sciences, although they are often difficult to market for user funding. To this end, a scholarship contingent is dedicated to the promotion of these branches by means of scholarships or half-courses in such fields as: philosophy, anthropology, sociology, literature, language, arts, history, religious studies, etc., ie all branches Socratic.

Apply for Scholarship!

This year the European University of Tirana will offer 500 scholarships in total for students, based on their commitment to study.

Application Criteria

  • For Excellence Scholarship – Transcript of Records
  • For Talent & Leadership Scholarship – artistic CV, proof of social and political commitment, attaching certificates or other relevant documentation
  • For Social Scholarship – Family Certificate, a document certifying special social status (pension, unemployment, disability, insufficient income, etc.)
  • For “Pashko” Scholarship – Transcript of Records, documents proving the economic inability to pursue higher education

Re-application criteria
I. Fulfillment of student work hours obligations (full scholarship – 150 hours; half scholarship – 75 hours of service; ¾ scholarship – 100 hours of service). This is proven by the written document for each fellowship student during the academic year.
II. Maintaining the grade point average (social scholarship & talent – average above 7; excellence scholarship – maintaining average at which the scholarship is approved; leadership scholarship – average above 8). This proved by the weight of grades that students will receive at the end of the academic year.

Financing studies at UET

The second decade finds the European University of Tirana with two added faculties as well as the three existing faculties reorganized in structure and content. With new branches and multiple-choice options, as well as professional degrees that are new to this academic year, UET comes with many study opportunities, not only for the variety of study profiles but also in fee matters, as these last start from 625 Euro.

Reduced fees are offered for a plurality of programs, by all five faculties, in order to promote them. The European University of Tirana offers the opportunity to finance studies for all individuals who wish to pursue higher education at this university making this university accessible to all social strata. Financing in collaboration with commercial banks will only involve the repayment of the study fee in the respective branch, with the student himself setting the monthly fee he will pay, as well as the time for who wishes to receive this funding. The interest rates will be 100% covered by the European University of Tirana for everyone.

UET has tried, throughout its 10 years in the education market, to accommodate every requirement through different managerial methods. But this has not always been possible for everyone. Thanks to the opportunities that UET offers with funding for studies, this institution can accommodate 100% of the requirements. Now, everyone can study at UET under very good conditions. Financing studies is the best opportunity for everyone to benefit from a quality education.

Scholarships at EUT