Quality, standards, affordability, and the scope of public services are currently some of the most pertinent debates regarding the role of the state in delivering public services and regulating their market. How can institutions achieve the highest possible standard in delivering public goods? How can societies ensure that public services are available to all the groups that need them and whose life would benefit from them? As importantly, what role do states and governments play in delivering public goods: regulators or providers? Can societies achieve an acceptable equilibrium between the private interests of the markets and the interests of those who stand to benefit from public services? All these questions are today the subject of intense reflections, debates, and reforms in most countries including Albania.

Therefore, the 2018 Albanian Studies Days is dedicated to this topic as it is both hotly contested, very sensitive to the public, and crucially important for a balanced economic development. All scholars who examine the setup, delivery and reform of public services in established democracies or consolidating ones like Albania are welcome to our two- day conference to exchange ideas, perspectives and share findings with the purpose of perfecting the study of this important topic and contributing to better, evidence-based, policy making. (Click Here)