Jean Monnet Chair

The Jean Monnet Programme is part of the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme.
One of the main objectives of the Jean Monnet Programme is to promote teaching and research on European Integration within different disciplines. This is achieved through the creation of:

  • Jean Monnet Chairs;
  • Jean Monnet Centers of Excellence;
  • Jean Monnet teaching modules.

For the first time in Albania, a Jean Monnet Chair is established in the European University of Tirana, awarded by the European Commission to Prof. Assoc. Dr. Nevila Xhindi. The aim of the Chair is to develop theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise on EU and regional development amongst students, academics, civil society and local government in order to enhance the Albanian capacities to benefit from EU structural funds in lieu of the EU accession.
Jean Monnet Chair:  “Albania toward the EU Regional Development / ALEURD”

Jean Monnet Key Staff:

Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici
Dr. Erjona Canaj
Odeta Barbullushi, PhD
Blerjana Bino, PhD (c)
Ketrina Çabiri, PhD (c)