The Triple Helix Model - UET project ranked as the second best

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) South East Europe Regional Programme organized the Triple Helix Competition in Albania. Launched in 2015, the Competition was a breakthrough for the Albanian innovation eco-system where more than 25 representatives of private,

shkollaWinter School 2016 in collaboration with World Vision

This year’s Winter School 2016n was organized by UET in cooperation with World Vision. This year’s topic was “I-The Leader” and its aim was to foster leadership skills of the 54 participating high school seniors from all around Albania.

tedrejtatEuropean University of Tirana in collaboration with the German Foundation “Hanns Seigel” organized the Scientific Conference: “Human Rights in the Albanian legislation with the focus on the European Law”

European University of Tirana in cooperation with the German Foundation "Hanns Seigel" organized a two-day Scientific Conference on 21-22th December, with the topic: “Human Rights in Albanian legislation viewed in the context of European Law”. Participants in the conference were professors of Law and representatives from justice institutions.

sipermarrjeSocial entrepreneurship and innovation for social inclusion - EFESEIIS & UET

European University of Tirana hosted, during 9th and 10th of December 2015 the fifth meeting of “Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovative and Inclusive Societies – EFESEIIS which is a research project funded by EU FP7 that responds to the challenges identified in Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart,


Students- the initiators of the campaign against women violence
Innovation Bootcamp is the new project supported by UNDP, which has included different groups of students, from different universities aiming to produce innovative ideas for a campaign against women violence.