Why UET?

We offer at least 10 strong reasons why you should choose UET, ranging from academic excellence and scientific research to the vivacious student life and modern infrastructure. The European University of Tirana is one of the best universities to study and form the basis for a secure future. Professors and lecturers, ideologists and philosophers, politicians and businessmen, some of the most successful in the country and the world, are always present in UET’s auditoriums to inspire models and open visions for each and every one of you.

In July 2011, UET was ranked 1st by the German company CHE University Ranking.

of the UET students are employed. UET students and graduates are the most wanted in the labor market. That is because UET politics follow the development and promotion of each student. In support of the career orientation center there are also eight boards with member personalities and leaders from some of the largest public and private institutions, companies and businesses in the country which get together on a regular basis and contribute with valuable advice, propositions, and suggestions.

15,000 m2
is UETs’ campus size which includes 12,000 m2 of service buildings. The campus includes modern auditoriums (lecture halls), labs, the library, and various service areas like the photocopy copy room, internet room, bar and restaurant, parking lot, and the garden park.

10,000 +
Students have chosen to study in UET. Year by year we have become a point of reference in higher education, due to our academic staff’s reliability and dedication, to the transformation of our auditoriums in research and discussion labs, to the active participation in the life of the country, to our contribution in ideas and visions for development and social welfare, to the achievements and successful experiences of our former students.

UET network
There are more than 2400 former graduates employed now in private companies, public institutions, nonprofits, or who have taken the initiative for self-employment. Through “UET ALUMNI” we keep in contact and foster relationships with our graduates, considering them as one of the most precious assets that we have. “UET ALUMNI” and UET staff meet periodically, willing to help and support one another.

of the students who have graduated in the first cycle of studies in UET have applied in the best universities abroad and have managed to earn a place in them. With the European credit transfer system it is possible to transfer studies in universities of other countries, in Europe or beyond, as well as the recognition of the diploma. The “UET Diploma” is a guarantee for more.

UET in Tirana
Due to its geographical position and its building structure UET is an opportunity for everyone. All those who love the noise and entertainment that Tirana offers can simply use the system of public transportation (the bus stations of the two main traveling lines are close by), taxies (numerous as soon as you get out of the building), or they can walk on foot walking for a few minutes to reach one of the many popular areas for the youth: the Bloc and its numerous café-bars; a very good opportunity to spend study-free weekends or just to and relax. For a more enriching spiritual experience Tirana offers many museums and galleries as well as various touristic destinations. Many websites can help you to make the right choice.

internal professors are part of the academic staff, of which more than 50 hold at least the Dr. title, 20 have PhDs, and 10 the Prof. Dr. title. UET’s professors are well-known personalities with distinguished status in their field. Many of them come from teaching in famous western universities.

Financial support
UET follows a policy of fees which is oriented and encourages excellent students. Every year 300 scholarships are awarded on Excellence, Social Promotion, and Talent & Leadership. Through negotiations with the banking system UET simplifies the procedure of getting zero-interest student loans.

Vivacious Student Life
Every Each week in UET is organizing dozens of extracurricular activities, from open lectures with famous lecturers to the various sporting events. Depending on the interests of your field of study you can register in one of the many student clubs in UET, you can become part of the travelling trips organized in and out of the country; you can participate in various parties or celebrations, or be the one initiating and organizing them. All you need to do is to pay attention and read the many notifications posted in UET’s halls, as well have an appetite and passion for them.