Study Fees

Study fees in the European University of Tirana are unified for all the three cycles of study.
-   Each academic year costs 2,500 Euros.
-    The study cycle, the length of the bachelor program is 3 academic years
-    Master of Science 2 academic years
-    Professional Master 1.5 academic years (60 credits)
-    Professional master 1.5 years (90 credits)

Fee Reductions
UET applies discounts depending on the grade point average of Matura; immediate payments for the entire cycle of study, as well as installment payments up to 20% of the reference fee.
Student Loan
The European University of Tirana in close cooperation with second level commercial banks offers a student loan with simplified application procedures and 0% interest.
The student loan is offered for the amount of €2,500, €5,000, or €7,500, which are respectively the study fees for 1, 2, or 3 academic years.
Depending on the amount of the loan, the payment terms are:
• 3 years for the amount of €2500 for 1 year of study
• 5 years for the amount of €5000 for 2 year of study
• 7 years for the amount of €7500 for 3 years of study
-    For the €2500 loan the installment is €70 per month/3 years.
-    For the €5000 loan the installment is €85 per month/5 years.
-    For the €7500 loan the installment is €90 per month/7 years.
The staff in the Contracts Office in UET, in cooperation with the respective bank, is prepared to provide you with relevant application forms and help you to obtain the loan quickly and easily without having to go to the bank.
For more information go to the Admissions Office and Contracts Office in UET, write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at +355 4 2421 806 or +355 68 20 16 616.