Dear friends,

The metaphors of our time are the “big brands,” the “big firms,” in other words the “standards.” With the most advanced standards we will understand predominantly those criteria which are used in a given field, in a given sector, in a place where achievements are the most important. In the case of the university education system, it is clear now for quite some time that reference standards come mainly from the Anglo-Saxon model. In our university system and at UET, it is time to match the international standards; it is time to match the most important achievements by starting to come to terms with the truth of the system and the truth in relation to these references.
Just as it nears the first decade of its life, the European University of Tirana is attempting more and more to reach towards these standards. It is attempting to approach them, and to accomplish its work  - on the student, program, professorship, extracurricular services - in accordance with these standard. Facing the most advanced standards of the developed world, if we haven’t achieved them yet, we will do so one day.
Here at UET we aspire to reach out goals fast. We will do so for the student, the Albanian society, the parents who have trusted us with their children, for the partners who have shared with us joint projects, and for those who have shared with us similar ideas or discussions about the society.

Prof. Dr. Tonin Gjuraj
Rector of the European University of Tirana