What does a master program offer?

The European University of Tirana offers about 24 Professional Masters and Master of Science programs in these fields of study: Economics, Finance, Corporate Governance, Management, Marketing, Economic Informatics, Public Law, International Law, Business Law, Private Law, Communication Sciences, Political Sciences, International Relations, Sociology-Social Anthropology, Psychology and Education Sciences. Currently there are 7 new programs of study in the process of being licensed.

These programs of study involve theoretical and practical knowledge to encourage critical and creative thinking skills for students. The design structure of the programs aims to offer four sets of knowledge simultaneously:
-    Methodological knowledge and skills;
-    Theoretical and applicative knowledge;
-    Knowledge on the respective profession; as well as
-    In-depth knowledge in a more specific profile of the field of study.
Master studies are precisely those studies that form and shape the professional in today’s world of work and business. A Master's degree will help you advance further in your professional career. Many entry level jobs today require a Master’s degree and almost all senior management positions and higher professional positions require a qualification of this level. The Master of Science Degree is also a gateway towards doctoral studies and academic experience.

Why choose a Professional Master program?
Professional Master Programs (PM) are of applicative nature and offer mainly hands-on training to achieve professional objectives under the chosen profile, with the goal of employment or qualification in a narrow field. These programs suit every age and level, after finishing your Bachelor studies.
A Professional Master's degree develops deep analytical and independent thinking skills for the student, critical and professional evaluation, ability to solve complex problems and grow in their professional career. Another advantage of the Professional Master degree is the possibility to get a thorough education in the field of your interest, as a valuable experience and guarantee in the job market.
The programs are 60 ECTS and 90 ECTS credits programs offered. They are one of the most flexible academic products in UET, since these programs are constantly in process in accordance with the requirements of the local market and regional developments.

Professional Master study programs attendance is obligatory to the extent of 80% (eighty percent) of lecture and seminar classes.

Diploma (Graduation thesis)
The Professional Master thesis project is a paper of applicative, empirical nature. The diploma thesis must be an original work, in which the student applies a theory, scheme, or principle to a concrete object of study. The thesis may be a case study or a comparative study. It must be between 14,000-15,000 words in length. The diploma is conducted with the help of a supervising professor who guides the student until the completion of the thesis project.