How to apply


First-cycle degree programs Bachelor (BA) are open for registration to Albanian or foreign citizens who fulfill these requirements:

  • Certify via an official document the completion of secondary school in Albania or abroad (equivalent according to the defined criteria determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Albania, MASH);
  • Complete the payment of the given annual fee and/or total fee according to conditions and determinations of the respective agreement between UET and the student;
  • Submit the necessary documents for the agreement between the student and UET.

The number of admissions is based on the real possibilities of each faculty for normal tuition and within the standards required by the Ministry of Education and Sports in accordance with the “Law on higher education in the Republic of Albania,” relevant bylaws, and UET statute.

Documents and procedures

Application form (download)devider1Professional Master

Professional Master Programs purport to engage students in the common challenge of deepening their knowledge. For this, we require students with academic abilities who wish to engage seriously in individual or group research projects, to achieve together an intellectual learning environment where debate and new ideas develop. 
In evaluating applications for these programs we aim to create a community with different interests and backgrounds, because we believe that diversity enriches the learning process and helps students to formulate their ideas better in perspective. For this reason we encourage to apply also students who have completed first-level studies or have any other level diploma, whose aim is the quick exposure to the labor market after finishing their Bachelor studies. Of course, we encourage even those students who regardless of age or previous degrees, want to reorient their careers in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.

Documents and proceduresdevider1Master of Science

Master of Science program studies purport to engage students in the shared challenge of deepening knowledge. For this, we require students with academic abilities who wish to engage seriously in individual or group research projects, to achieve together an intellectual environment where learning, debate, and new ideas develop. We encourage also application of students who have completed first level studies in fields other than those proposed for the second cycle studies in UET, where we encourage not only the vertical continuation of studies but also the horizontal one; thus, continuing studies in the second cycle in another study program, different from that of the first cycle.

Documents and procedures

Application form (download)devider1PHD

To register in the doctoral study programs the applicant must fulfill these criteria:

  • To have completed the studies in the required field and to have a Master of Science degree or a 4-year degree according to the old system, or an equivalent degree earned abroad and recognized by competent authorities;
  • To have a grade point average of 8 or above, calculated based on the group of professional courses of the study program;
  • English language certification according to the legal determinations in the moment of submitting the file to the Professors’ Council.
  • To commit in fulfilling scientific and ethical standards.

Documents and procedures

Application form (download)

Doctoral Fiche (download)

For more information contact the Admissions Office and Contracts Office in UET, write as at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at +355 4 2421 806 or +355 68 20 16 616.