The UET Alumni Association

At the core of UET’s philosophy as an educational institution is that everything is about the student: knowledge and service. The triangle: administration - academic staff - student functions brilliantly in UET and for each of these orientations there are relevant institutions and offices for support and cooperation. "UET Alumni" is our face in the market, our history, and future of the university.
The "UET ALUMNI" association was created on May 13, 2010. At that time it was a small group of graduates. Now there are already over 6,000 graduates in bachelor and master studies in UET. All these are the biggest lobbyists of the university; they are the fund collectors, the project applicants, those who generate ideas for new programs, and those who create labor markets for the university.

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devider1Directing boards of UET Alumni

Danaj AlumniPresident of UET Alumni

Miss. Adela Danaj

I would like to express my gratitude to all the professors, students and faculty members, who have helped me towards my academic path. I am grateful to all of them for supporting and understanding me over the years I have been studying at the European University of Tirana.

The academic environment of UET has been crucial for me to grow in both the personal and professional dimension. The European University of Tirana has provided me with distinguished tools, shaping my passion for research and academia.

Nowadays and in the years to come, I would like to give back to UET for all it has given me over the years. The experience of studying and travelling abroad during the last two years proved again that my place and where I belong is the European University of Tirana!

Thank you!


The directing Board of UET Alumni consists of 13 members.

Ana Kekezi Meri Dishnica Arlinda Causholli Mimoza Kociu Eneda Tarifa Rudin Lalo Klodiana Belegu
Andrea Mano  Adrian Tahiri Emi Santo Musa Ulqini Ervin Salianji Silvana Bastri   Ardit Çela


The assembly consists of 50 members who are:

Adelina Forrici Florjan Mikeli Erlis Hereni Marius Seitaj Edi Vlusha
Adrian Tahiri Bieta Sulo Ervina Gjinika Merita Mertori Egla Nikolli
Agim Kasaj Ergys Steza Evis Shurdha Migena Emini Elona Shehu
Aida Maho Ira Elbasani Fatlinda Doda  Myzafer Elezi Eneida Fatkorja
Anjeza Shahini Irsa Demneri Genta Mori Neida Cunaj Enio Civici
Erla Mehilli Lina Vaso Denisa Haxhiu Rudin Feka Enola Muhametaj
Ardit Cela Jorida Burba Gentian Kaprata Oerd Bej Vaid Dragoshi
Arges Zeqo Juliana Cuko Gentiana Duka Oriola Musa Vjollca Dako
Arnisa Spaho Juxhin Cela Ilir Dervishi Rifat Demalia Ylli Metko
Artan Xhindi Klodjana Dautaj Aulona Lleshi Roland Spahiu Zana Numani