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1.This is the Privacy Policy of the European University of Tirana official site–

All you access the official site - must agree with this Policy. Please do not proceed to access and navigate the official website if you disagree with it. On the contrary, it will be considered as you have accepted this Policy.

UET is a limited liability association, established according to the Albanian Laws, TIN number K62029010L, licensed as a private higher education institution, known as European University of Tirana based on the Council of Ministers Decision number 636, date 09/20/ 2006 (UET/EUT). UET's head office is located at: BLV “Gjergj Fishta”, Ndertesa 70. H1, Tirane –Albania

EUT offers full time study programs.

2.The EUT‘s Official Site is (Official Site). In the official site are gathered and spread the most useful information.

3.Through the Official Site. EUT:
•Introduces the institution and its structure, the services it provides, offers, various promotions, announcements, innovations etc.
•It introduces and provides education, employment and contacts opportunities etc.

4.EUT considers the privacy protection and personal data as important issues. EUT is engaged in the implementation of legal and regulatory framework.

5.Through the Privacy Policy, EUT aims to inform people that visit the official site, about the way of collecting, processing, storing, as well as measures taken for the Personal data privacy. site visitors provide standard information that is related to the site use, information, articles, and sections clicked on this page. Personal data collected through the Official Site are processed in accordance with the legal framework, regulations and policy
7.The Aim of Information Gathering: This information is collected :
•For statistical and research purposes (to indicate the visitors approach, identifying the most sensitive sections and consequently the stakeholders interests, without making them more identifiable).
•Purpose Analysis, new services/products establishments.
•Attitude and /or claims of site users and stakeholders/users about the UET services.

8. To the purpose of providing a better service and increasing students and staff possibilities, in the official site, in several sections (such as "Apply Online"), EUT established application forms where is required by the user to meet some of the personal data. The user confirms the fulfillment and information authenticity. Dealing with the online fulfillment, the user declares his approval of further proceed and internal use of the information.

9. UET emphasizes that providing personal data is optional and up to each entity to voluntarily provide the information required and to continue with the application for the required purpose.

10.The data will be collected, processed and stored by UET in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 "On Protection of Personal Data", as amended the and bylaws. These actions will be done in accordance with the principle of respecting and guaranteeing human rights and fundamental freedoms and particularly the right to privacy.

11.CONTACT. The Entities have the right to request access to their data and require that this information be corrected or updated in accordance with the requirements of Article 13 and 18 of Law 9887/2008 "Protection of personal data ". The request may be directed to: : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Official Website may contain links to any other Internet site, or that redirects to another site. UET is not responsible for the content of these websites and advises you to read the privacy statements / policies on these pages.

12.OTHERS. EUT reserves the right to change or modify this policy at any time, in pursuance of possible changes in the legislation on the protection of personal data and privacy.